It was my first day at school today and it is exactly the same in some respects as the kids. You see your colleagues, get excited about exchanging summer stories and sort out all your stationery.

What is the most important resource for any school? It’s teachers. Without them doing the wonderful demanding stressful and rewarding job that they do, there wouldn’t be such a vibrant and educated community of people around us. We need investment in teachers to ensure that they continue to be the very best teacher they can be, and this doesn’t come for free. We don’t want any of this from politicians

but rather and considered approach.
Like this from the Guardian

As budgets are being cut and resources are limited the way we spend public funds has to be carefully measured. We teachers do notice and make adjustments all the time. But I would argue that the continual investment in training opportunities for teachers to develop their practise is an integral component in making sure that any education system is one we can be proud of. This does need to be efficient and cost effective and what better way than by utilising the Internet and digital media to share ideas and resources?
They problem is that many teachers simply do not have to time to trawl through the vastness of cyberspace and separate the wheat from the chaff. This is why I started this blog to try to find a way to link all my thinking and interests in education together. We need to find a way to connect the dots.