So my vision setting starting me thinking about how I need to be inspired, we all do, and how we are all striving for success in different ways. This led me to watch this TED talk on the secrets of success 8 steps to success
This then made me a little confused as it seems so logical and straightforward that how can we all rise to the challenge of being able to realise our own success.

Then it came to me, the thing that holds us back is fear.

So I reminded myself of this wonderfully inspirational speech by Steve Jobs

Are you feeling suitably inspired yet?

If not how about a more practical approach? 30 days

So my own personal challenge is to write about the first 30 days of my school year. The highs and the lows and what I am doing as a secondary school teacher of maths (and a little bit of history).

I love what I do, and I love the students I teach and I want all children everywhere to have an education we can all be proud of no matter where they live, their social background or any other parameter that society can conjure up. We are living in a global society and we need a global education framework that works.

Lets do this.