Well today was one of those days that reminds you of why you do the job. I’ll admit the pressure builds and suddenly you’ve got 15,000 small jobs to get done and you have a brief panic that you’ve completely forgotten how to teach and wonder how long it will take the kids to eat you alive.
Then you see a year 7 student with a blazer that’s too big and everyone has shiny shoes and an awkward stance with their backpack. Pristine pencil cases and eagerness pouring from every pore. You realise the incredible privilege you have to be part of their growing up and you smile, from your toes because you feel proud and you feel humble.
Best bit of the day was seeing a year 7 student on their own, looking a little lost and having a chat with her about her love of reading and Roald Dahl and making her smile and feel a little better about the school. Awesome stuff.
Then you get thrown back into swimming through all the planning of lessons, marking, negotiating your stationery order and clinging on to some semblance of a social life.

But hey for that shining second that playground sparkled with happiness for me.

I will teach Maths, History and Yoga this year. Quite a combo!