Ofsted are due to visit my school in the near future. The threat of an inspection has been on the cards for several years in fact, way before I even joined.
No matter how high the probability has been before up until this point, NOW we KNOW Ofsted is coming.

I have never been through a school inspection but I have felt the threat of an Ofsted grade looming over my teaching career. It’s almost as if you will have your career ended if you fall on the sword of inadequacy or needs to improve. My concern is that they won’t see my best lessons as it is disruptive and stressful. I don’t think anyone has ever seen my best lessons.
Today I had some great lessons: very different between year 11 maths and year 7 history.
Year 11 Maths- independent learners, leading their own learning, showing their working out on the board feeling super confident, me as a facilitator in the room. Great stuff.
Year 7 History-

Me: “So what do you think history is?”
Student 1: “Its when someone did something great in the past”
Me: “Ok, but what about Hitler?”
Student 2: “I think History is from a long long long time ago.”
Me: “When is a long time ago?”
Student 2: “Before 2000”
Best history conversation I’ve had in a long time!

I do think I have the best job in the world sometimes. Plus I know the students and I know how to get the most out of them. I just hope that I tick the right boxes for Ofsted to see that too.