out·stand·ing (out-stndng, outstn-)
1. Standing out among others of its kind.
2. Superior to others of its kind; distinguished.
3. Projecting upward or outward; standing out.
out·standing·ly adv.

This is the word that every school and teacher wants to be graded as. It’s a word that before I embarked on my teaching career I had never really spoken or come across. Now it is in my everyday vernacular.

If we examine the word itself it means to stand out, superior i.e. a step above the norm. This week a lesson I taught was graded outstanding. This is a cause for celebration and rightly so as it shows how much thought and energy I put into my lessons. The students learnt new concepts and made progress and did it for themselves. All fantastic components of any lesson. The difficulty for me is that I don’t think that was one of my best lessons that I’ve taught and I know how it could have been improved further. The grading of lessons is somewhat subjective but also it depends on the students, the relationship you have with them, and even the weather.

Fun Facts about students and the weather

1. Wind makes them go


2. Rain and cloud makes them (especially teenagers) like this:


3. Sunshine makes them


4.But if it is only slightly higher than room temperature then we have


5. Thunder and lightning is frightening


6.And finally snow makes everyone (teachers included!) go


Now, where can I write that on the lesson plan?